Why I'm Running

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Carteret County has a choice, and seats will not run unopposed. We have a full slate, ready to focus on the people of Carteret. Your vote speaks for you. And local politics are more important than you think. We are listening. It’s time to change this political nonsense into common sense and have a voice. Let me shine the light on the real issues in Carteret County. I am Katie Tomberlin and I am asking for your vote in November. Thank you.

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Meet Katie

I moved to Carteret County the summer of my Ninth grade year, and graduated from West Carteret High School in 1997. Sterling and I met here in 1999. I have been a resident of Carteret County for 25 years, and I love where I live. I am the mother of three school aged children, who attend school in the Carteret County School System. We have lived in Newport for 15 years.